Sept 6- Sept 12

Expand Into Greatness

Private Location Columbus, OH

Sept 6- Sept 12

Do you desire to fully embrace your potential? Are you seeking to connect with others who are abundance oriented, open minded, and taking quantum leaps towards living the life of their dreams?

Don’t miss out on this exclusive gathering of master manifestors. You are infinite and this 6 night/ 6 day respite will offer you the opportunity to fully step into that creative power.

Enjoy nutritious meals crafted to support an energized and revitalized body, mind and spirit. Indulge in yoga classes designed to calm you and allow for more flexibility throughout life. Hear from experienced prosperity generators over the course of the weekend.

Take the lessons you learn from your hosts, speakers, teachers, facilitators and each other and apply them throughout your life.

Leave feeling inspired, rejuvenated, motivated, and empowered to make life exactly what you want it to be.