Frequently Asked Question

When did you begin hosting events?

DMG has been hosting events since October 2020 and we are looking forward to hosting many more for many years to come.

Why does DMG host these events?

Our desire at Dealmakers’ Gala and Events is to provide thought leaders and legacy leavers an opportunity to less loose, have fun and spend time with other high vibrational people; building lifelong bonds and continuing to lift each other up to the highest possible level.

What can I expect attending these events?

At DMG we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality across the board. Entertainment, cuisine, location and speakers are all thoughtfully considered to bring you the most value and best experience possible.

Who else will be in attendance?

These events are always full of open minded, expansive, wealth conscious individuals from all walks of life. Some are self-made millionaires, others generational entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to add you to the list.

How often do you host these events?

You have the opportunity to attend the DMG events several times a year. Events range from casual get togethers to formal Galas. There is something for everyone throughout the year. Although we encourage you to attend each of them, as they all offer something unique.